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I’ve made a lot of mistakes in my life but at least I didn’t just give Steven Moffat an Emmy

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remember when the world ended last year

are you talking about the 21st of December or that time Tumblr crashed for four hours

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With just a chill head bop Jordin still manages to have more rhythm than the three tragedies next to her

Omg look at Lordes face

the three tragedies next to her

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Laverne Cox SLAYED the Facebook Photo Stop on the Emmys Red Carpet.

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#laverne cox

       { Legit still crying about Lauren Bacall and James Garner and Robin Williams }

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Dascha Polanco attends the 66th Annual Primetime Emmy Awards held at Nokia Theatre L.A. Live on August 25, 2014 in Los Angeles, California.



shout out to all the people still following me even though im a fucking idiot


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the white house released this video on sexual assault that actually targets men, telling them not to rape, rather than telling women not to be raped. please watch this.

This is so fucking important, that I can’t even start to describe the happiness I get from finally seeing a major world government making a video that doesn’t tell women to not get raped, but instead tells men to not rape & to stop rape in the first place.

This right now, should be across Tumblr like a wildfire. It should be trending on Twitter and Facebook. This is good news. This is great news. This is, for once, a positive step towards educating people on a fucking huge scale about sexual assault.

This isn’t a solution. Rape culture isn’t gone. We can’t all just stand around and pat ourselves on the back saying, “We did it guys! We made the video! Job done.” - but for the first time in my memory, society is beginning to actively change its broken perspectives from the top level down. This is great. This is good news. This is a start.

This is fucking hope.

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I find it interesting how society doesn’t care when the media sexualizes women, when men sexualizes women, when school and the government sexualizes women. But the second a woman is in control and sexualizes herself willingly it’s wrong and disgusting.

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